Surfing in Langre, North-Spain

Our surf camp in Spain

Our Surf House is located in the wonderful landscape of Langre, Cantabria. The village is
on the thrilling route of the ‘St. James Way’ and has been a hotspot for surfers from around
the world for over 15 years.
The Liquid Team consists of highly certified surf instructors from countries around the
world, including Spain, Australia and Germany. The crew offer you their professional
guidance and will give you all the tools to catch your first waves on a surfboard.
When you’re not surfing, we offer leisure activities such as mountain biking with our large
fleet of professional bikes.
When the days activities are over, you can soak up the rays on our sundeck or chill out in
our garden under the palm trees.

Surfing in Barbados, Caribbean

Our surf camp in Barbados

Barbados is the most easterly island in the Lesser Antilles Island chain, located in the
Atlantic Ocean.
The climate of Barbados is warm all year round, with small temperature differences and an
annual average of 26°C. Leave your wetsuits at home and pack your boardshorts!
Our surf instructor, Zed, will bring you to the best spots of the day, every day! Enjoy the
warm waters, diving with turtles and of course, surfing the best spots the Island has to
In Barbados, we have a variety of accommodation types. From November to January you
can enjoy the “FULL LIQUID FLAVOUR” with Boris at Ocean Spray accommodation!!

Langre, Spain
Barbados, Caribbean

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